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Ergonomic mice
The mouse is an important cause of RSI because many mice force the hand into an unnatural position. The mouse is an essential tool, therefore it is advisable to use an ergonomic mouse. Most of our mice are used with the hand held vertically. This way of working has shown to reduce strain on the wrists as well as other repetitive injury strains.
Ergonomic Homeoffice-SetsErgonomic Homeoffice-Sets
from 106,50 excl. VAT 106,50 incl. VATShowMG1E1
Many of our products together are an ideal combination of products for furnishing a home or flexible workplace. We have therefore combined a number of these products in order to give you a clear overview of products that fit together. In addition, many packages have a discount on the total price so that it is more accessible for everyone to work ergonomically from home.
Evoluent Vertical Optical MouseEvoluent Vertical Optical Mouse
from 89,00 excl. VAT 89,00 incl. VATShowMG26
The Evoluent mouse is especially suited for larger hands. Traditional mouse users will easily adapt to the Evoluent Mouse. Suitable for the right- and left-handed; the wireless model is also available now.
SRM Evolution optical mouseSRM Evolution optical mouse
from 75,00 excl. VAT 75,00 incl. VATShowMGAA

This ergonomic mouse reduces wrist/arm/hand pressure and relaxes shoulder tension. Left- and right-handed. Suitable for someone with a small hand. Also available in a wireless version.

Vertical Grip MouseVertical Grip Mouse
from 50,00 excl. VAT 50,00 incl. VATShowMG91
The Grip Mouse is very ergonomical and easy to use. The vertical position of your hand makes this mouse very comfortable for people who use their computer intensively. It also works very good for people with arm, wrist and shoulder problems.
HE MouseHE Mouse
from 69,50 excl. VAT 69,50 incl. VATShowMG1B4
With its vertical form, the HE mouse ensures that your wrist and hand have a neutral and relaxed position. The HE mouse comes in various models: right-handed wired, left-handed wired, right-handed wireless and left-handed wireless.
Newtral ergonomic mouseNewtral ergonomic mouse
from 85,00 excl. VAT 85,00 incl. VATShowMG1B9
Because of its detachable modular wrist rests, the Newtral mouse is even more ergonomic than comparable products. The wrist rests are magnetically attached. The mouse helps particularly with problems in the wrist and forearm, but also in the neck and shoulder. Being vertical, the mouse allows the muscles to adopt a relaxed, neutral posture; no stress builds up between the thumb and the little finger because the hands gets good support.
Penguin Posturite vertical mousePenguin Posturite vertical mouse
from 105,00 excl. VAT 105,00 incl. VATShowMG1D2
The Penguin Posturite is a vertical mouse with a symmetrical design, making it suitable for both left and right handed use. It is available both with a cable and as a wireless model. The Penguin mouse is available in 3 sizes: small, medium and large.
Anir Vertical Mouse (3M)Anir Vertical Mouse (3M)
from 82,90 excl. VAT 82,90 incl. VATShowMG17
Vertical hand-grip and buttons promote a natural posture. Available in several versions. Suitable only for the right-handed.
Contour UnimouseContour Unimouse
from 105,00 excl. VAT 105,00 incl. VATShowMG1D5
The Unimouse is a vertical ergonomic mouse that can be adjusted to suit your needs. This mouse adapts itself, as it were, to the user. The angle of inclination can be adjusted continuously between 35 and 70 degrees and the thumb support can be moved horizontally and vertically in all directions.
from 136,50 excl. VAT 136,50 incl. VATShowMGFD
The OysterMouse is adjustable in 5 angles to reduce muscle load. This mouse is perfect for remote work. It is suited for right- and left-handed computer users.
Penclic MousePenclic Mouse
from 83,50 excl. VAT 83,50 incl. VATShowMGF4
The PenClic 2 mouse works as a pen; you move the pen inside the unit as you would move a pen over paper. The wrist-position when using it means a considerably reduced chance of RSI. The very fast optical sensor reacts immediately to hand movements.
Hippus HandshoeMouseHippus HandshoeMouse
from 120,00 excl. VAT 120,00 incl. VATShowMGD6
The Hippus HandShoeMouse fits like a glove. It is used for ergonomic reasons, as the muscles in your hand aren't under any strain while using this mouse. The Hippus combines design with a user friendly function. This mouse was developed in cooperation with the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. The Hippus mouse comes in different sizes. There are two kinds of Hippus mouses: one that can be used by a left-handed person and another for a right-handed person. This product is available in wired and wireless versions.
Rockstick MouseRockstick Mouse
from 119,00 excl. VAT 119,00 incl. VATShowMG12F
The RockStickMouse is an innovative mouse that increases comfort and reduces the risk of injury without sacrificing work efficiency. The hand wraps around the upward handle rising from the base and tilts it to left or right to easily make the left or right click. The mouse click is thus performed by the entire hand instead of just the much weaker fingers.
from 204,00 excl. VAT 204,00 incl. VATShowMG60
The Rollermouse is highly effective against RSI. Suitable for right- and left-handed users.
from 275,00 excl. VAT 275,00 incl. VATShowMGF2
The Mousetrapper Advance is a mouse designed to provide ergonomic benefits, intuitive operation and relieve the physical stress caused by standard mousing products. It is suitable for high and low keyboards because of the adjustable height.

Mousetrapper – the wellness mouse

Ergonomic Joy MouseErgonomic Joy Mouse
from 61,00 excl. VAT 61,00 incl. VATShowMG1BD
The Joy Mouse has a vertical ergonomic design and reduces the amount of stress on the palm and underlying nerves. This allows RSI complaints to be reduced or prevented considerably whilst using the mouse.
from 145,00 excl. VAT 145,00 incl. VATShowMG1BA
The vertical OrthoMouse is a mouse which allows your hand to rest in the correct position and be properly supported. The mouse ensures that the fingers are pointing downwards for comfortable operation. It comes with three palm-supports that allow the mouse to be adjusted to the correct size for your own hand.
DXT Precision MouseDXT Precision Mouse
from 115,99 excl. VAT 115,99 incl. VATShowMGED
The DXT Precision mouse is a new ergonomic mouse. Due to the unique design it can be operated by both the left- or right hand. The mouse is also suitable for large and small hands.
AirObic 2 MouseAirObic 2 Mouse
from 115,00 excl. VAT 115,00 incl. VATShowMG38
Revolutionary vertical mouse allowing the muscles in the arm and hand to remain relaxed. Comes in both left and right-hand versions.
Trackball MiceTrackball Mice
from 64,00 excl. VAT 64,00 incl. VATShowMGB6
Trackballs require less wrist movement than a mouse and therefore offer a pain-free computing experience. They are space saving because there may be no desk space on which to run a mouse.
Click-Less SoftwareClick-Less Software
from 69,00 excl. VAT 69,00 incl. VATShowMG63
This software allows you to drastically reduce the number of mouse-clicks you need to make. Try a demo-version.
Touchpad MouseTouchpad Mouse
from 155,00 excl. VAT 155,00 incl. VATShowMG3E
A touchpad can be operated with fingers or thumb, allowing the cursor to be moved over the screen and mouse-clicks to be made. This touchpad is suitable for left and right-hand use.
Footpedal MiceFootpedal Mice
from 217,00 excl. VAT 217,00 incl. VATShowMGF0
These ergonomic footpedals are reprogrammable to replace keyboard and/or mouse functions which can be used when operating the pedals.
from 107,00 excl. VAT 107,00 incl. VATShowMG23
Using a tablet with a pen or mouse (or both) produces less muscle-strain than using a mouse alone. Suits right- and left-handed users. USB-connection.
Hygienic MiceHygienic Mice
from 80,00 excl. VAT 80,00 incl. VATShowMG1C1
The hygienic mice are easy to clean with water, soap, and disinfectant. They are therefore especially suitable for use in medical or industrial environments.