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Rockstick MouseThe vertical Rockstick Mouse is designed so that the fingers don't make a lot of unnecessary click operations;  instead the fingers remain in a neutral position while the hand is holding the stick. Because the hand and fingers are placed in a so-called neutral position, there is less tension on the arm and wrist, which reduces RSI.

The clicking of the Rockstick Mouse is performed with the whole hand, meaning that the hand muscles and nerves are tensed significantly less than with ordinary mice.


Rockstick Mouse 2 Small/medium Wireless

Rockstick Mouse 2 Small/medium Wireless
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The wireless model of the Rockstick 2 Mouse can be used both right- and left-handed. The thumb operates the scroll wheel; the rest of the mouse-stick is operated with the whole hand, not individual fingers. Pushing the mouse left or right gives the functions of the left and right buttons of an ordinary mouse.
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