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Wireless miceThe biggest advantage of using a wireless mouse is not being dependent on the cable length anymore, enabling you to place the mouse anywhere on the desk. Furthermore, it helps with keeping your desk clean and tidy.

Connecting a wireless mouse to your pc or laptop is fast and easy. Usually, it will connected by means of a USB receiver. Some wireless mice use a bluetooth connection.

Ergo2Work offers a large selection of wireless ergonomic mice, which prevent and reduce RSI complaints.
Grip Mouse aluminum Wireless
Special offer
Grip Mouse aluminum Wireless
60,00 excl. VAT 60,00 incl. VAT300.04950+ in stock
This is a wireless Grip-mouse. This mouse includes a USB-receiver/connector for your PC. More than 20% discount!
DESQ Ergo Line ergonomic mouse WirelessDESQ Ergo Line ergonomic mouse Wireless
64,00 excl. VAT 64,00 incl. VAT300.302Not in stock
This is the wireless version of the DESQ Ergo Line mouse. This affordable, vertical mouse fits comfortably in the hand and is very suitable for preventive use or for complaints in the wrist and/or forearm. The mouse features detachable wrist rests for extra comfort and ergonomics.
SRM Evolution Wireless RightSRM Evolution Wireless Right
75,00 excl. VAT 75,00 incl. VAT300.05110+ in stock

The wireless SRM mouse is for right-handed use and is suitable for someone with a small hand. The Evolution SRM mouse has an optical sensor and has 4 buttons, including scroll wheel.

SRM Evolution Wireless left-handedSRM Evolution Wireless left-handed
75,00 excl. VAT 75,00 incl. VAT300.1455+ in stock
The wireless SRM mouse is for left-handed use and is suitable for someone with a small hand. The Evolution SRM mouse has an optical sensor and has 4 buttons, including scroll wheel.
Evoluent4 Wireless right-handedEvoluent4 Wireless right-handed
126,00 excl. VAT 126,00 incl. VAT300.1255+ in stock
The Evoluent4 Wireless has an improved ergonomic shape and has 6 fully programmable buttons. If desired, you can adjust the cursor speed by using the two conveniently placed buttons on the side of the mouse.
Evoluent4 Small Wireless Right-handedEvoluent4 Small Wireless Right-handed
126,00 excl. VAT 126,00 incl. VAT300.1465+ in stock
The Evoluent4 Small Wireless is very suitable for smaller hand sizes. The mouse has an improved ergonomic shape and has 6 fully programmable buttons.
Evoluent C Right WirelessEvoluent C Right Wireless
134,00 excl. VAT 134,00 incl. VAT300.3941 in stock

The Evoluent C wireless is the streamlined version of the Evoluent-series and has a modern design. This is the wireless version. Because of the handshake position of this vertical mouse, the wrist bends less aside and the forearm less to the inside, and therefore, the joints, muscles and tendons have a way more natural position.

Evoluent4 BluetoothEvoluent4 Bluetooth
135,99 excl. VAT 135,99 incl. VAT300.1701 in stock
This Bluetooth mouse has an ergonomic design and has six programmable buttons. It is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 or later and Windows XP or later.
OysterMouse WirelessOysterMouse Wireless
185,00 excl. VAT 185,00 incl. VAT300.112Not in stock
This Mouse is perfect for remote work. Adjustable in 5 angles to reduce muscle load. Right- and lefthanded use. This the wireless version.
DXT Precision Mouse WirelessDXT Precision Mouse Wireless
135,00 excl. VAT 135,00 incl. VAT300.1481 in stock
The DXT Precision mouse promotes a neutral (more vertical) wrist posture while allowing the hand to work with a light touch fingertip hold providing precision cursor control. Due to the unique design it can be operated by both left- or right handed people.
Anir Small/Medium black Wireless (3M)Anir Small/Medium black Wireless (3M)
166,99 excl. VAT 166,99 incl. VAT300.0591 in stock
This is the Anir Small black Wireless. This medium size is suitable for those with a palm-width under 8.5cm(excluding the thumb). This is an optical mouse.
Anir Large black WirelessAnir Large black Wireless
166,99 excl. VAT 166,99 incl. VAT300.0582 in stock
This is the Anir Large black Wireless. This large size is suitable for those with a palm-width above 8.5cm (excluding the thumb). This is an optical mouse.
HE Mouse WirelessHE Mouse Wireless
91,00 excl. VAT 91,00 incl. VAT300.1431 in stock
The HE Mouse is unique by enabling the hand and wrist to be positioned neutrally and relaxed in combination with a perfect grip. It has 5 buttons including a scroll wheel and Backward / Forward buttons. This ergonomic mouse has an accuracy of up to 1600 DPI. The HE Mouse wireless version is extra user friendly due to freedom of movement without a cable.
HE Mouse SportHE Mouse Sport
91,00 excl. VAT 91,00 incl. VAT300.4261 in stock
The right-handed HE Sport vertical mouse is connected via Bluetooth and is red in color. The vertical grip ensures a neutral, relaxed position of the hand and wrist with which RSI / CHANCE can be prevented or reduced.
Rockstick Mouse 2 Small/medium WirelessRockstick Mouse 2 Small/medium Wireless
119,00 excl. VAT 119,00 incl. VAT300.3825+ in stock
The wireless model of the Rockstick 2 Mouse can be used both right- and left-handed. The thumb operates the scroll wheel; the rest of the mouse-stick is operated with the whole hand, not individual fingers. Pushing the mouse left or right gives the functions of the left and right buttons of an ordinary mouse.
Contour Rollermouse Free3 WirelessContour Rollermouse Free3 Wireless
315,00 excl. VAT 315,00 incl. VAT300.399Not in stock
  • Wireless
  • Fastest, lowest and most accurate roller mouse
  • 600 - 2800 dpi (adjustable)
  • Most buttons: 9, programmable