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Ergonomic home office setWorking from home because of the coronavirus (COVID-19)? If you work from home on your laptop, but do not want to have neck and shoulder complaints after an hour: with these ergonomic home work starter sets you can start working ergonomically right away.

What is a home office set?
A home work set is a carefully tailored package of products that optimizes the layout of your workplace at home. For example, a home work set can ensure that your laptop is set at the correct height and that your shoulders and / or wrists are relieved by using an ergonomic mouse or keyboard. The most common needf when creating a home workplace are a laptop stand, an external keyboard and an ergonomic mouse. For the frequent home worker, we have also compiled a so that the entire home workplace can be ergonomically adjusted in detail.

Why use a home work set?
When using a laptop stand, the laptop is raised, so that using the touchpad or the integrated keyboard of your laptop is no longer pleasant to use. An external mouse and keyboard are then necessary. The sets that we have put together for you fit well together and can be used for most of the laptops. If you have specific complaints, please contact us so that we can tailor a combination of products for you. We will of course provide you with explanations and advice and the various choices.
Home office set Compact
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Home office set Compact
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Complete set with over 15% discount! This ergonomic set consists of a standard black cricket laptop / tablet stand, an Ergo Compact keyboard and an aluminum Grip mouse.

Are you forced to work from home due to the coronavirus (Covid-19), but do not have the necessary equipment? With this ergonomic starter set for working at home, you can start working ergonomically right away and prevent shoulder problems.