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WristrestsSupports for the wrist when using mouse or keyboard.
Gel-filled MousematGel-filled Mousemat
35,00 excl. VAT 35,00 incl. VAT 900.01150+ in stock
Gel-filled mousemat with anti-slip underside. Colour: Black.
Keyboard wrist support Memory FoamKeyboard wrist support Memory Foam
35,00 excl. VAT 35,00 incl. VAT 900.0523 in stock
The ergonomic wrist support with memory foam keeps the wrist in a correct position during keyboard activities.
Wristrest KeyboardWristrest Keyboard
43,00 excl. VAT 43,00 incl. VAT 900.0174 in stock
Pad with wristrest for keyboard.
Wristrest Pad for Keyboard and MouseWristrest Pad for Keyboard and Mouse
53,00 excl. VAT 53,00 incl. VAT 900.01610+ in stock
Pad with wristrest for keyboard and mouse.
Goldtouch palm-cushionsGoldtouch palm-cushions
59,00 excl. VAT 59,00 incl. VAT 200.0193 in stock
Supports the palms of the hands, in order to reduce RSI.
The Egg Ergo Mouse PadThe Egg Ergo Mouse Pad
35,00 excl. VAT 35,00 incl. VAT 900.0363 in stock
unique egg-form, thermal-insulating mouse pad. The mouse pad had a large mousing surface and is smooth, accurate and comfortable.
Trapezium Wrist Rest CompactTrapezium Wrist Rest Compact
43,50 excl. VAT 43,50 incl. VAT 900.0372 in stock
Proper ergo wrist rest, 33 cm wide.
Trapezium Wrist Rest StandardTrapezium Wrist Rest Standard
45,50 excl. VAT 45,50 incl. VAT 900.0381 in stock
Proper ergo wrist rest, 49 cm wide.