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Keyboards for seniors

Keyboards for seniors

As we age, we may experience physical limitations that affect our daily lives. Additionally, seniors are increasingly using computers but often encounter difficulties while doing so. One such challenge can be typing on a standard keyboard, which can become more challenging due to age-related visual and motor impairments. A senior keyboard can provide a solution. Are you looking for a senior keyboard? Check out our range below.

What is a senior keyboard?

A senior keyboard is designed with the specific needs of older individuals in mind. It is usually larger than a standard keyboard and features clear, easily readable letters and symbols. A senior keyboard may also have various additional features, such as backlit keys and a built-in mouse.

Another important feature of a senior keyboard is that it reduces the strain on the hands and wrists. This can be achieved by positioning the keys in a way that keeps the hands and wrists in a natural position while typing. Additionally, a senior keyboard can often be adjusted to meet the individual user's needs, such as adjusting the height and angle of the keyboard.

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