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Height adjustable desks
Height-adjustable Workstations

Height-adjustable Workstations

Alternating Between Sitting and Standing While Working

More and more companies are transitioning to workspaces that allow both sitting and standing work. By regularly alternating posture, you can prevent RSI and other issues related to poor body posture.

A static, seated position can lead to unpleasant symptoms in the long term if there is insufficient variation. Certain muscle groups are overstrained, while others receive too little movement. To promote movement in the workplace, we recommend using a sit/stand workstation that allows for easy switching between sitting and standing. In addition to the ergonomic benefits, this is highly enjoyable.

Why Sit/Stand Workstations?

Flexible sit/stand desk workstations are a convenient alternative to sit/stand desks. These modules can be easily placed on existing desks and effortlessly adjusted up or down. They accommodate a laptop or monitor and often include a keyboard.

Thanks to the continuous adjustment of sit/stand workstations, they can be set at an appropriate height for everyone. This combines comfort and ergonomics, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a sit/stand workstation every day.

Benefits of a Sit/Stand Workstation

In addition to the ergonomic advantages offered by using a sit/stand desk workstation, there are other practical benefits. They are ideal for flexible workspaces or users who frequently travel with their laptop, for example. Ergonomics are important not only at home or in the office but everywhere. Tools such as sit/stand workstations provide you with the opportunity to maintain proper body posture wherever you work.

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