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Vertical mouse

Both at work and at home, we spend many hours behind the computer. As a result, the computer mouse is a commonly used everyday object. With traditional mice, the hand rests flat on the mouse. In this position, the wrist joint is twisted, which can lead to pain in the wrist, forearm, or the entire arm. Vertical mice are designed in such a way that the hand rests in a natural position on the mouse. The wrist joint is not twisted with a vertical mouse, relieving the wrist and forearm.

The vertical mouse is suitable for all computer users who prioritize healthy and ergonomic work. This mouse is very user-friendly and suitable for both a home office and a traditional office setup.

Benefits of a vertical mouse

To prevent or alleviate RSI complaints in the hand and arm, a vertical mouse can be a solution. Due to its design, the hand, wrist, and forearm are in a natural posture. While traditional mice twist the wrist joint, the arm remains more relaxed with a vertical mouse. This can help prevent, reduce, or even eliminate RSI complaints.

A vertical mouse is highly user-friendly: the buttons function just as you are accustomed to, and there is a scroll wheel in the center. As a result, there is little adjustment needed when using vertical mice. The different models are compatible with almost all versions of Windows or Mac, and wireless options are also available.

Call us for further advice, as choosing the right mouse can be challenging. Our experienced staff members are here to assist you.

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