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Tablet stands

Tablet stands

More and more people are using tablets. Research shows that the head and neck are more bent when using a tablet compared to a laptop or computer. This can lead to neck and back pain, and the static load on the arm, wrist, and hand can increase due to constantly holding a tablet. A tablet stand provides a solution.

Using a tablet stand significantly reduces these complaints. With a tablet stand, such as the Ergoline Tablet Stand Silver, you can support your tablet, eliminating the need to constantly hold it. Additionally, you can adjust the height of a tablet stand to achieve the proper viewing angle, minimizing neck strain.

Our tablet stands are universal and suitable for all iPad and Samsung tablets, among others. Another advantage of our tablet stands is that most models are foldable, making them easy to fit into any laptop bag, like the Ergonomic Laptop Stand - Universal - Adjustable. This stand is even suitable for both tablets and laptops.

We offer stands that are suitable for tablets of various sizes, including 7-inch tablets, 9-inch tablets, and 12-inch tablets.

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