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Goldtouch Keyboard Set US
Goldtouch Keyboard Set US
Goldtouch Keyboard Set US
Goldtouch Keyboard Set US
Goldtouch Keyboard Set US
Goldtouch Keyboard Set US
Goldtouch Keyboard Set US
Goldtouch Keyboard Set US

Goldtouch Keyboard Set US

Article number: 190.030
309,35 Including VAT
251,50 Excluding VAT

SUPER OFFER! Complete set with over 15% discount! The ergonomic set includes an adjustable Goldtouch keyboard, a Goldtouch numeric keypad, and a Goldtouch wrist rest.

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Goldtouch Keyboard:

Using a split adjustable keyboard reduces the risk of RSI complaints. The ergonomic Goldtouch keyboard allows you to keep your hand in a straight line with your elbow. The slight incline helps reduce muscle tension.

This keyboard is easily adjustable to any desired angle. The ergonomic Goldtouch keyboard has a short reach to the mouse and includes a large spacebar. It offers a pleasant keypress that allows you to type quietly. There are buttons on the left side, distributing the workload more evenly between the left and right sides.

Goldtouch Numeric Keypad:

The Goldtouch numeric keypad is ideal for use in combination with the ergonomic Goldtouch keyboard. The advantage of a separate numeric keypad is that you can place it where it's most comfortable for you.

Goldtouch Wrist Rest:

Improper keyboard usage increases the risk of RSI complaints. Research has shown that working within your shoulder line is significantly less physically taxing. By supporting your wrists, you can significantly reduce RSI complaints.

With the Goldtouch wrist rest, you provide support for your palms while using the Goldtouch keyboard, thereby preventing or reducing RSI complaints.

This complete set is perfect for creating an ergonomic workspace!

More information
Dimensions Height: 27 mm | Height: 25 - 108 mm | Width: 417 mm | Depth: 176 mm | Height: 27 mm | Width: 135 mm | Depth: 97 mm
Control Windows|Mac
Weight Weight including packaging: 0.430 kg | Weight: 1240 g | Weight: 195 g
Additional information Material: High-quality Lycra with gel padding | | | Packaging dimensions: 31.7 x 23.1 x 7.5 cm | Key size: 19 mm | Horizontal adjustment range: 0°-30° | Vertical adjustment range: 0°-30° | US layout (also available in UK and DE layouts) | Plug & Play | Additional: Goldtouch wrist rest
Right-handed/left-handed Rechtshandig|Linkshandig|Rechts- en linkshandig
Control type 7|8 en 10. Mac OS 10.5.x of hoger|Windows Vista
Goldtouch Keyboard Set US
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