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Home office set Basic US
Home office set Basic US
Home office set Basic US
Home office set Basic US
Home office set Basic US

Home office set Basic US

Article number: 190.051
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Complete set with over 25% discount! This ergonomic set includes a laptop stand, an ergonomic mouse, and a mini keyboard with US layout.

Do you work from home regularly, but don't have the necessary equipment yet? With this Ergonomic Home Office Basic Set, you can start working ergonomically right away and prevent neck and shoulder discomfort.

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If you work from home on your laptop and want to avoid neck and shoulder discomfort after just one hour:

With this ergonomic home office starter set, you can start working ergonomically right away, and you'll get over 25% discount!

This home office laptop set consists of the following products:
200.173: Ergo Compact mini keyboard with QWERTY layout (US)
300.014: Grip mouse, ergonomic vertical mouse
600.115: Basic laptop stand

With these products, your laptop will be set at the correct height right away, allowing you to work fully ergonomically and follow the well-known occupational health guidelines.

According to occupational health regulations, when you work on a laptop for more than 2 hours, you must ensure ergonomic conditions (for a fixed workplace, this is 4 hours). This law applies not only to employers and their (flexible) employees but also to self-employed individuals (see Arbobesluit article 5.4 on ergonomic workplace design).

To properly set up your (flexible) workspace with laptop use, follow these steps:

1. Place the laptop directly in front of you on the laptop stand.
2. Position the top edge of the screen at eye level.
3. The screen should be at an arm's length away from you (with your arm extended).
4. Sit upright with relaxed shoulders and arms.

The laptop stand in this set is suitable for screens ranging from 13" to 17". Both the ergonomic mouse and the mini keyboard are suitable for Windows and Mac users. Therefore, the set is suitable for almost all laptops.

You can also easily carry the entire set in your laptop bag, making it increasingly convenient to work on the go.

Contact us if you:

- Want to order multiple sets and receive an extra discount.
- Work extensively with documents; we can offer a customized set for you.
- Work with a desktop computer but still want to work ergonomically and avoid discomfort.
- Need more advice on the correct posture or if you only want to receive part of the set.

Home office set Basic US
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